Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Bah humbug? or... the Christmas countdown - an update

So... this is where I was at last week...

Since then, life has thrown my family a few curveballs - some pretty horrid. Two funerals in the week before Christmas is not good.

All pre-Christmas, Christmas gatherings are done. I missed the charity do - and giving of the $10 present, because I'd spent the day helping with funeral arrangements for my great-aunt. I wasn't up to playing nice with others.

Shopping checklist - that $10 present will be used at the family Christmas gathering for someone just invited. And that's why you have a stock of generic presents ready to go!

Friends' present - all done.
Jem's present - thank you Pumpkin Patch! All done.
Jodz's kids - done, and handed over...
Cass' kids - done
Sara's boy - nearly done. Will be done by the end of the day.

Mum & sister - done & wrapped.
Jodz's girls - done, wrapped & handed over...
Joshie - given up... present moritorium has started... no birthday presents for nieces/nephews over 18, unless it's a big birthday.

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  1. From facebook:
    Maxine: Well done that girl....hope you have a relaxing and happy Christmas Day after such a difficult, sad time recently.


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