Thursday, 17 December 2009

Bah humbug? or... the Christmas countdown

[friends who read this - please don't take this personally - I'm tired, broke & grumpy]
I know, I know... it's Christmas (nearly)...
Yes, I do like spending time with you as part of (insert activity here, eg work / club...)
But I sometimes wonder about the insistence of secret Santas & gatherings.
I have a large family - some of whom I get presents for. And there's the family gatherings, too.
So to spend time & money on secret Santa gifts is a bit of a struggle. Not to mention gatherings.

Christmas gathering countdown:
  • full work do - done
  • team work do - done
  • club do - done
  • charity do - upcoming
  • maternal extended family do - upcoming
  • sisters' work do - upcoming

Christmas shopping checklist:

  • work team $5 secret Santa - done
  • club $10 secret Santa - done
  • charity $12 secret Santa - done
  • family $40 secret Santa - done
  • last under-18 niece present - done
  • the only friend I buy a Christmas present for - not quite done
  • present for Cass' kids - nearly done
  • present for Jodz' kids - nearly done [more nearly than Cass]
  • present for Sara's boy - nearly done
  • present for Joshie's boys - done & posted
  • First Christmas present for Olivia - done
  • First Christmas present for Jem - I'll get back to you on that one... a limb-less teddy is not the look I'm going for. Might mean a dash to Pumpkin Patch!

Next up:

  • Dec b'day present for mum: thinking on it
  • Dec b'day present for sister: halfway there
  • Jan b'day 30th present for Joshie: thinking...
  • Jan b'day present for 2 of Jodz' girls: off to Pumpkin Patch.

And, that's why I'm over it...


  1. Note - Joshie will be 31, not 30. Was big birthday this year - born 1979.

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