Thursday, 31 December 2009

Thoughts for a Thursday...

Hard to believe it's been 10 years since we were worried about the Y2K bug!

Ten years ago today I was up north at the bach - a very full bach.

At midnight, most of us were outside with Dad setting off fireworks. My sister, Kath, dived inside to be with our nana, just in case the bug hit and Nana was left in the dark.

In the morning we were off to Waipu for the Highland Games. As it was the Millennium Games, Waipu hosted the world Highland Heavyweight Championships. As the massed bands came towards us, Nana started on about the noise - all those bagpipes. Dad muttered something about 'bloody sassanachs' and apologised for marrying into an English family. Oh that Celtic-ness doesn't fade, even after 150+ years of the family in New Zealand [first arrival, 1840].

What has happened in those years? Well, neither Nana or Dad are with us now. I haven't been to the Games since. And I haven't 'celebrated' New Year's since, either. My plan is always to go to bed early, and put the phones on silent/ instant answering.

The family has grown - there is now another generation: Zac, Emmy, Immy, Natedog & Jem; Ollie & Isaac; Kaydin.
Little Joh didn't make it. But we're all hoping Lette & Seanie's baby arrives safe and well.

Johnny has a baby girl, little Miss Livvy.

My youngest niece is a teenager. I feel so old!

In those 10 years, my name is now on the title deeds for 3 properties - and I live in a rental, paying someone else's mortage. One day, soon I hope!, I will be down to part-owning one house - the bach.

My job's changed a bit - enough to keep it interesting. The people are still great.

I wonder what the next ten years will be like.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year


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