Thursday, 31 December 2009

1001 children's books... part 19

ages 8+ - part 7...

151. Tom's midnight garden by Philippa Pearce, illus Susan Einzig (UK) - YES
152. Warrior scarlet by Rosemary Sutcliff, illus Charles Keeping (UK) - no
153. Mort and Phil by Francisco Ibáñez (Spain) - no
154. Walkabout by James Vance Marshall (UK) - no
155. The boy, the swallow and the cat by Miguel Buñel, illus Lorenzo Goñi (Spain) - no
156. My great-grandfather and I by James Krüss, illus Jochen Bartsch (Germany) - no
157. The cricket in Times Square by George Selden, illus Garth Williams (USA) - YES - listened to on Sunday morning radio, and now have read & own a copy.
158. The bonny pit laddie by Frederick Grice, illus Brian Wildsmith (UK) - no
159. Knight's fee by Rosemary Sutcliff, illus Charles Keeping (UK) - no
160. Jim Button and Luke the engine driver by Michael Ende, illus Franz Josef Tripp (Germany) - no
161. Astérix the Gaul by René Goscinny, illus Albert Uderzo (France) - YES, and every Asterix book since... at intermediate school, Asterix & Tintin books were kept in a locked glass case in front of the librarian's office
162. The incredible journey by Sheila Burnford (UK) - no
163. James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl, illus Nancy Ekholm Burkert (USA) - YES
164. Fantômette by Georges Chaulet, illus J. Bazin-Hives (France) - no
165. Six companions by Paul-Jacques Bonzon, illus A. Chazelle (France) - no
166. The phantom tollbooth by Norton Juster, illus Jules Feiffer (USA) - no
167. Where the red fern grows by Wilson Rawls (USA) - no
168. D'Aulaires' book of Greek myths by Ingri & Edgar Parin D'Aulaire (USA) - no
169. The winged watchman by Hilda van Stockum (USA) - no
170. A dog so small by Philippa Pearce, illus Jules Feiffer (UK) - no
171. The garden by Jiří Trnka (Czechoslovakia) - no
172. The wolves of Willoughby chase by Joan Aiken, illus Pat Marriott (UK) - no
173. The little pot boiler by Spike Milligan (UK) - no
174. How the whale became by Ted Hughes, illus George Adamson (UK) - no
175. The seasons in the city by Italo Calvino (Italy) - no

Total for this lot: 4/25 (that's bad!)

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