Saturday, 5 June 2010

Long weekend plans

So, it's a long weekend (yep, I get one, just not the same days as most).
Tomorrow - it's Mum's flatmate's 5th birthday party. The little man is 5! That's so scary!!!
Luckily, his mum has planned the party to end by 1pm, so the afternoon is free (yay, Nana nap!).
What else do I have planned?
Well - one more bootie to knit & sew up before the party for little Froggie.
Then there's the outfit for future baby to knit. And the rest of Button's present.
And... the 10+ books to make headway into for my monthly reading challenges.
And... the pile of translated kids & teens books to read and review.
And... the pile of new NZ kids & teens books to read.
And... a new book has just arrived for me. Can I manage to do anything but read it?!?!? It's sitting beside me, at my desk at work, and all I want to do is read it.
Conspiracy of kings by Megan Whalen Turner. Gen is my fav ever male literary character. And the supporting cast is brilliant. And this is about Sophos - finally! Will he get his girl? Will his girl get him??? I've been waiting for about 10 years to find out.

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