Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Knitting frenzy

yep - that's me... knitting all the time. Dishes - nah, they can wait... isn't there a water shortage? Far as I know, it hasn't been lifted. (Would be nice, however, if there was a shortage of water through my bedroom windows...) Cooking - who needs food!

So - a cute little vest for Froggie for his 1st birthday. I've also knitted Monkey's 1st birthday present - it's not her birthday until October, but I couldn't resist the wool or the pattern.

Knitted Monkey a hat yesterday. Oh... and here she is in some booties I knitted her last week. See those hands - that's what her life is like when the family are around... all fighting over her. Some lucky people got to see her both days this weekend. I saw her Sunday... Every one loves Monkey.

Am currently working on a set of clothes for upcoming baby. Oh, and Button's birthday present, too. But that one is not so easy to knit in the half-dark on the way to and from work.

Reading? When would I get time to do that?!?!? Must knit...


  1. I'm knitting heaps too. Hats, fingless gloves and dishcloths. Very cute photo of Monkey.

  2. I promise... only sweatshop labour involved in Button's present is mine... but there's a kiss in every stitch!

    We love Monkey.

  3. That pic is so gorgeously precious! I am also loving the new profile pic you are rocking, Miss Annie :)

  4. Froggie's mum wants more booties - I can do that!
    Button's present is well under way...
    And upcoming baby is staying inside, so I have time.


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