Friday, 20 February 2009

Animated thinking...

As requested, my thoughts on week 4 of the programme...

For quick and flashy - but with hardly any info - animoto will work. But you need patience - and a good connection speed. To use to the greatest purpose, you'd need to join. 30 seconds is almost nothing.

For fun & silliness, but slow, too - goanimate will work - and you can add info, and change the speed of the slides, so people can read things

For different fun - and speed - and info - and, actually, ease of use, range of music and styles - onetruemedia.

That's it - my thoughts on this part.

When would I use it? You never know - a couple of these might end up being used for promotional purposes for AnyQuestions/UiaNgaPatai.

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  1. How about telling youth about Animoto if they find they are bored


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