Thursday, 12 February 2009

Embedded families

So, after playing with that family tree stuff the other day, and embedding my family tree (all identifying features removed) in my blog I started thinking about families and embedding.
How embedded am I in my family?

I found this definition: To be part of, and firmly, or securely surrounded; lodged solidly into.

And that's how I feel. Part of something - securely surrounded and lodged solidly. It's both a comfort and a constraint. You know there's someone there, when you hit the bottom - someone who knows where you're coming from, and can surround & support you.
A constraint because you have to go a long way - and be stronger than I am! - to see if you can survive without them. And, sometimes, because you don't want to rock the boat - threaten the structure of your surroundings - you keep your mouth closed, and be who the family see you as.

My immediate family (sibling-types) have always lived in the top half of the North Island - driving distance. I'm damn sure it comes from my childhood, when we clung together as our world spun on its access. Yeah, we had some major rifts - but we came out united. Things are different, again, as we hold on when Dad, a major foundation stone, died. And the fall out has been pretty extreme.

Over the last couple of months I've watched my nephews break free. JimmyJames, first, off tramping around the country for an indefinite period. He's figuring stuff out. And well the hell not!
AJ's in the Navy - basic training and needing letters from home. [note to self - must write one!]

And, Saturday, I was grateful I was working so I didn't have to see Joshie off at the airport. He & his boys are now beginning a new life in Australia. And those of left here are trying to cope. We've had an email with the saga of the airport with 2 toddlers and luggage!

How did my great-great-grandparents (add more greats for some bits of the family) cope when their children and grandchildren moved to the other side of the world - with no email, texts, phone, skype...? Kia kaha & arohanui Kath.

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  1. Hi The Madness of Hamsters

    You had a very good look at the Genealogy sites I see love the family tree very cool :-) Very interesting blog :-) Love it :-)


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