Friday, 27 February 2009

Stumbling around

Off I set on my discovery - exploring bookmarking sites.
Did the typical librarian/Libran/anal-retentive/control-freak thing and played all the introduction thingies for each site... Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon & Newsvine...
I didn't dig Digg, Reddit was too simple for me, Newsvine was too newsy (& US-biased), so I subscribed to StumbleUpon... and stumbled upon an issue... to get the true value & experience of my subscription, I need to download the toolbar. Can't download & install at work - and I hardly stumble upon anything while I home, just use my favourites... I already have a google toolbar, and an internet security toolbar - any more and I'll only have toolbars, and no screen...Iin conclusion, none of these was right for me - so I haven't gone much farther. So my discovery is... I'm not using these sites.

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  1. Hi The Madness of Hamsters
    Well done! Next up the Survey and Thing 12 Final Post :-)


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