Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Ranty McRanty #5

Enough of road rage - it's hard for me to be involved, seeing as I don't drive - but footpath rage... don't get me started!
If you don't know where you're going - please don't try to orientate yourself by walking out of a shop & stopping immediately in the flow of traffic - try in the doorway of the shop - not in the middle of the footpath!
Why did they make the footpath's on Queen Street wider? So they could fit more human snails walking x-number abreast down them!!! Because, you know, I'm now running late for my bus because people made me late! Either a staff mate didn't take over on desk in time, or a customer couldn't decide what they hell they wanted. Sorry - I do have a life - and an hour+ bus trip home... If I miss this bus, then I'll be getting home about 2 hours after I finished work. How's that for fun!!!
Or, maybe I'm trying to get back to work after my lunch break so I don't do to the people on desk, the same that was done to me. Yeah, be late, I don't mind having a 40min break... because I'm conscientuous, and will make sure you get your hour... maybe more, because you've been held up in footpath insanity.
Please don't change your mind - and direction - randomly, making the 20+ people around you swing & all squish up...
Actions like this make us all pissed off, and adds to the joy of life... Just makes me so joyful to be at work in the city...
Note to self: will not moan about work and workplace from now until they stop reading in a couple of months. Just had to clear my system.

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