Friday, 1 January 2010

1001 children's books... part 23

ages 8+ - part 11...

251. The haunting by Margaret Mahy (UK, but she's from New Zealand) - YES, and own it...
252. The rattle bag edited by Seamus Heaney & Ted Hughes (UK) - no
253. When the wind blows by Raymond Briggs (UK) - YES
254. Me in the middle by Ana María Machado, illus Regina Yolanda (Brazil) - no
255, Schoolboy Jia Li by Qin Wenjun (China) - no
256. The demon headmaster by Gillian Cross (UK) - no
257. Max and Sally by Miloš Macourek, illus Adolf Born (Czech Republic) - no
258. War horse by Michael Morpurgo (UK) - YES
259. The sheep-pig by Dick King-Smith, illus Mary Rayner (UK) - YES
260. Sunday's child by Gudrun Mebs, illus Rotraut S. Berner (Germany) - no
261. Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg, illus Fritz Wegner (UK) - no
262. Mouth open, story jump out by Grace Hallworth, illus Art Derry (UK) - no
263. The eye of the wolf by Daniel Pennac (France) - no
264. Tomb raiders by Odile Weulersse, illus P & G Brizzan (France) - no
265. Pirate's heart by Benno Pludra, illus Gerhard Goßmann (Germany) - no
266. Storm by Kevin Crossely-Holland, illus Alan Marks (UK) - no
267. Sarah, plain and tall by Patricia MacLachlan (USA) - YES
268. Journey to Jo'burg by Beverley Naidoo (UK, author born in South Africa) - no
269. The valley of the fireflies by Gloria Cecilia Díaz, illus F. Melendez (Spain) - no
270. Why the whales came by Michael Morpurgo (UK) - no

5/25 for this bunch...

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