Thursday, 20 September 2007

flickr fun

So this time it's photos and flickr and stuff...

I uploaded photos to flickr and then made a funky little montage of my holiday on the Gold Coast... using BigHUGElabs mosaic maker. It's pretty cool. [well, I thought it was - until there's this huge notice! Bother - will save and sort out from work Friday!] [NB 2: and then I log on this morning - and there's no evil notice saying 'do not link to this page save to your computer instead... odd... so if there's 2 mosaics... you know why!]
I must say, tho' that I prefer scrapbooking with paper and stuff... I can make mosaics there, too...
And I can add things that are important. Like, in this spread about my dad, I've put a piece of schist from his rock pile (he was a stone mason). And it's written in my handwriting, making it more personal.

Love you, Dad, miss you heaps. Seeing you this weekend - hopefully I'll remember the Buzzy Bee pinwheels to put on your grave.

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  1. Photo mosaic's are great huh! Glad to see you getting so creative! Keep up the good work :)


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