Thursday, 13 September 2007

LIANZA Children's Book Awards

The LIANZA Children's Book Award winners were announced on Tuesday.

The Esther Glenn Award winner, Genesis by Bernard Beckett is one of those polarising books. Some find the science content too much and they skim through the book. Othersare totally absorbed. I have a foot in both camps - yep, I skimmed the science, but the concepts are fascinating. The survival of society after a pandemic. Social and genetic engineering. The rise of the machine.

The Russell Clark winner, The Three Fishing Brothers Gruff by Ben Galbraith also contains a message. The Gruff brothers are taking too much fish in their trawling operation off Poverty Bay, which upsets Minke Whale, the Guardian of the Ocean. The illustrations are great, using collaged elements and computer manipulation. The production is outstanding.

The Elsie Locke Award went to Leon Davidson's Red Haze: Australians and New Zealanders in Vietnam. It's a balanced look at the Vietnam conflict, including lots of first person accounts.

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