Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Sport thoughts

It's time for little sleep... watching rugby and cricket. I'm so happy RWC2011 is in Auckland!
The Twenty20 world cup isn't generating much interest - or hype - apart from the whole Fleming not captain thing... and who is going to the rebel tournament - but, at least it's something different from the saturation of rugby. Love rugby, but sort of over it...


  1. Sounds like you are sports mad...for me sadly I have only just figured out yesterday who is the current captain of the ABs.

    There are discovery exercises listed for each step, would be great if next week you can give us your feedback on what you liked, as well as keeping us up to date on your poor sleeping habits while the World Cup is on.

  2. Rugby? What is this Rug-by? *confused look*


  3. Rugby... according to wikipedia... Rugby union is a team sport that was (according to legend) developed from the rules used to play football at Rugby School in England. Two teams, each of 15 players have the task of outscoring the opposing team. Players clutch a prolate spheroid ball in their hands or arms, and may pass it backwards or laterally across the pitch, or kick it in any direction. The opposing players attempt to halt the ball-carrier by tackling him or her with their arms and bodies...

  4. One of the great things about working at the library is no one will never accidentally reveal the score of a game you missed. I could record the final of the world cup and come to work safely in the knowledge no one is going to blurt out the score. I think the only time you'd hear about the rugby is if the plane carrying them back from Europe fell out of the sky, and even then I'd be surprised someone mentioned it.


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