Friday, 28 September 2007

Back online!

Oh the joys! The last few days have been internetless as our modem didn't like being changed to another computer... hence free dial up for a while. Yeech! In some ways it's slower than the broadband/windows 98 combo we had going there...

But... I can download photos from my camera on the new machine! yippee! So... as promised... photos of my dad's grave, with the rampant violets and pansies (oddly enough, his mum's favourite flowers). With the whole slow dial up thingy, I won't be adding more photos this time! I made a cup of tea while waiting for this one to be uploaded to blogger.


  1. Welcome back! I can see why it would have been difficult work with all of those flowers in the way - very beautiful though :)

  2. Can truly empathise about dire dial-up. I managed to cook dinner, do three loads of washing and play with two cats when I accidentally decided to upload 40 photos to Flickr one evening. I felt like that old Rachel Hunter ad "it won't happen overnight but it will happen"!

    Love the photo - but did you remember the Buzzy Bee pinwheels?


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