Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Home again...

The ABs v Scotland match was so boring, I went to sleep... We lost in the cricket - go India!

A busy couple of days up north. I did get out of hammering palings for the new fence, but managed to show my incompetence with such tools when my sister and I had to put the new cross up on Dad's grave. Personally, I blame the very thick matting of violets! There would be a photo, but I'm at home and my very old PC doesn't recognise the driver of my camera... It is so very hard to believe it's been five years since Dad died. I don't know about this whole time makes things easier - I'm finding it a lot harder to get through now!

Lots of weeding and shifting plants around in preparation for the renovations - can't have loved plants right where the footings are going for the extensions! There's an old rose that orginally came from my nana's - was planted at the family home over 15 years ago, and then moved north about 10 years ago. Rhubarb that came up from Auckland...

So a busy and emotional weekend - another reason to be on leave this week!

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  1. Did you watch the match India vs Pakistan? Wasn't it great! Thanks for supporting India!!!!!!!!


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