Friday, 21 September 2007


So, South Africa crumpled against India... and the Black Caps are through to the semis of the Twenty20 World Cup. Enough with the stress, already!

Techie grumble... the high-tech stuff at work won't let us watch TV3! Bah humbug!

Going on leave... heading up north where there's minimal cell phone coverage... It's a common sight, while we're at the cemetary talking to Dad, to see visitors wandering around near the church hunting the elusive signal. No cell phones - no landline - no internet - no sky. Just two days spent with family working our beejesus off at the bach. At least we won't have to wheelbarrow mulch this year. Just weeding and tidying. But it all hinges on whether the water's working!

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  1. Well enjoy your trip and of course we'll miss your blogs, but have fun! :)


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