Thursday, 20 September 2007


Once in while I spend time as an AnyQuestions operator - online, real time homework help from real librarians. It uses chat software and - when the planets are aligned correctly and you hold your tongue the right way - you can co-browse. There's a great sense of satisfaction being able to help children & teens from across New Zealand. And there's a great sense of relief that you're on the other end of technology - and they can't hear or see you!

I enjoy it - even with the technical glitches - but, it's not something I need outside that environment. Members of my family have sent requests to 'chat' - but, it's too in your face... one of the first things I learnt to do in Outlook (ten years ago, or so) was turning off the message notification. Trust me, you're in the middle of updating a huge excel spreadsheet - the little box pops up - you click on it to get it out of your way - and you lose what you've just entered in the cell.

I like using technology that lets me 'socialise' in my own way - when I want. I don't want it bombarding me.

I like being able to keep in touch with far-flung friends and family - and seeing their photos online, instead of waiting for months until they come home and have saved up enough money to print their rolls of film!


  1. It's amazing what technology let's us do now eh?! :) If you like keeping people updated on travel, there's a great travelblog website called Check it out! :)

  2. Oh oh oh - please post about how to turn off that annoying message popup thingamy! I too have been hit by the curse of the 'accidentally deleted excel cell'!

    Totally agree about using technology on your own terms and when you want to use it. Hate the fact that MSN messenger puts me online whenever I connect on my home computer and then I am forced to choose whether to be online, busy or the sneaky 'appear offline'.

    And love the scrapbook page - especailly the piece of shist:)


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