Thursday, 11 October 2007

Image that!

Online image generators
What a randomly weird thing - sorta similar to mashups. I was struggling a bit to figure out what to do - not wanting to replicate other (damn you ACL Learning for using the coffee!) - so I came up with making an awareness ribbon for Storylines, my charity of choice, using Imagechef. I didn't like the fact that the font is a default - Storylines has an official font, so it would have been nice to be able to change it.
Then I sort of got carried away and decide to make myself an avatar. The site linked from the Generator Blog was all in Spanish, and even with my friendly Spanish workmate, it didn't let you download - only print... how old fashioned! So I had to go with something less me... from DoppelMe. It was hard finding a site that didn't require you register to get anywhere. I have enough difficulty keeping my real social life going, let alone that of an avatar! So, the more-friendly, less cool avatar of me...
Generator Blog was interesting... didn't really register that all those Name Generators were sort of the same thing. We used to link to a lot of name generators on the teens pages, but some changed, and some led into quite the wrong sort of site!

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  1. Your avatar is gorgeous :D And heaps better than those strange 'zwinky' people I see advertised all over the net. Great work.


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