Friday, 26 October 2007

Some random tech thoughts

How do you remember how you log on! Everytime I go to log on to something I have to sit and try to figure out what email I used and what password. Pain!
I love goodreads because when your friends add a comment, or change their bookshelves, it sends you an email (like bebo), but what makes goodreads different is - when you click on the link you're automatically logged in! Much nicer than the other social networking sites I've been using!


  1. Looks better than librarything (and yet I'm still a little reluctant to sign up to yet another site!)

    Still, the auto-login is an unmissable plus :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean about logins and passwords; I've been meaning to sit down and count exactly how many I have. Having just done so I come up with 35 off the top of my head!
    I cut down on the memorisation by having a standard password and hotmail account which I use just for registering for websites where I don't care too much about security.

  3. How about developing an 'imaginary friend' (with a single password) who can log onto to all these accounts for you? I find it quite useful to give my cats email addresses I can use - although make sure you keep them (the cats that is) off trademe ....


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