Friday, 5 October 2007

Madness hamsters or Mad Hamster?

Anyone heard of the Hamster? Aka Richard Hammond - one of the hosts of Top Gear. Mad, I tell, mad. But then, all the Top Gear guys seem to be...

Then he was all better - miraculously - and ran home in the middle of the night during the floods in the UK.

Any wonder why I'm addicted to the show?
Photo stolen from the Daily Mail site... it's in in the 2nd article.


  1. Don't miss him on NZ telly with John Campbell.

  2. What is it about shows fronted by lunatic males? I love Top Gear and also Mythbusters - maybe it's just that I like fast cars and blowing things up:)

  3. I probably DID miss him on NZ telly - don't watch much free to air these days...
    Love Mythbusters! Did suggestion for purchase for the books - and they're always out!


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