Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Back at work!

Well, the tech issues at home continue... hence the delay!

In answer to some comments... I forgot the buzzy bees! Utterly hopeless! The significance of the buzzy bees is: my dad worked at the buzzy bee factory in the early 50s during his school holidays.

And - how to get rid of the annoying outlook pop-up, in case you're wondering!
Go to Options - Preferences - Email options - Advanced email options - When new items arrive.

Unfortunately we were trapped up north with only TV2 and TV3 to watch! At least we could watch rugby... but no Prime (Doctor Who! part 2 and everything!) - no Sky... so no Twenty20... and no Tony Veitch doing the sports news....


  1. But the popup is fantastic! It gives you something to look forward to!

    Have you heard of Torchwood? It's a new sci fi series, but the coolest bit is that it's an anagram of Doctor Who. Teehee. Fantastic!

  2. I've heard lots about Torchwood... waiting, waiting, waiting...

  3. Have noticed that there are some of the tie-in novels (teens) for Torchwood at Waitakere Libs. Maybe some suggestions for purchase?

    Have a look at the Beeb Torchwood page http://www.bbc.co.uk/torchwood/index_nonflash.shtml - doesn't let you view the video (natch!) but still cool.

    That is so cool about your Dad's work with Buzzy Bees!



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