Saturday, 6 October 2007

What a weekend!

Off on the Pink Dove Star Walk tonight! I've had to break my long-standing tradition of not wearing pink in order to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I haven't worn pink since being able to choose my own clothes!

Then, even more pinkness! Off to the Bead Hold on Sunday to take part in the Make and Eat afternoon.

Monday... off to celebrate the launch of Dorothy Butler and Lyn Kriegler's new book in the Old New Zealand series - Sea Dog.

I'll be coming back to work for a rest!


  1. Make and Eat - does that mean you make beady stuff and then eat it????????

  2. Thank goodness, no! But lovely strawberries and pink lamingtons... to eat while beading away!

  3. Howdy there, Annie!
    Cris here from AS/SH.
    I had great fun walking at night with you at the Great Pink Walk on Saturday night.
    Next Year? Plan early!
    Have a Great Day!


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