Friday, 5 October 2007

School holidays

Something I was listening to the other day made me think of what I remembered from school holidays... what did we do?

So... my most memorable school holidays are (in chronological order) [and, if my memory is wrong - tough! I was only little!]

Kaiwaka! I hadn't even started school at this point, but staying in shearers' quarters in Kaiwaka counts as one of the all time great family holidays! We were all there. The parents, the siblings, the sister's boyfriend, and one set of grandparents. There was fishing - I got to fishing with the big kids for the first time! I caught my first itty bitty fish (and wanted to get out of that boat away from them fast!) There were horses to ride. There were horses to play around - and freak out the family, as one was supposed to be mean (he was lovely, to me at least). And this really cool house on the way with twisted brick columns. The columns stuck in my head for years and it was only as an adult that I found the house again, and learnt it was in Kaiwaka.

Camping with Dad, my sister and brother-in-law, and an (adult) family friend. I remember the setting up of the tent; the blowing down of the tent (in the dark); the moving of the tent site to somewhere with less gravel. I remember the friend having morning sickness. And the highlight? Losing one of my front teeth! The joys of being six!

Going on holiday in Rotorua with Dad and his parents. Staying in a motel for the first time! Going to the motel spa. Seeing my Dad in swim wear (he didn't swim!). Being the only kid spoiled by three adults for a whole week! Years later I found out the holiday was because my grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer and wanted a family holiday to remember. Happily she managed many more, making it through to my first year of uni.

And, the last holiday visiting my mum up north. The best holiday ever! The one when my mum and dad got back together... Mum came home to us the next holidays.

Sorry for the ramble!

Thoughts go out for all those trying to keep their little darlings amused these holidays - in the lovely spring weather - and all of us library staff dealing with the influx!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you've had some very memorable trips! :)


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