Friday, 19 October 2007

The rise of Cyberdyne?

On library 2.0 and web 2.0
On a quick skim of the articles... I think I might be figuring out how to use technolust and technoworship in a conversation - although not indulging in it myself, of course! We Librarians 2.0 don't!
I like the emphasis web 2.0 puts on customers - and making sure we're connecting with them, and doing things for them, instead of pre/post guessing.
I like the possibilities of making our catalogues more user friendly, more amazon-y. Some of the possibilities in the future are intriguing - must keep my cyberdyne fears at bay, though. Read/watched too many things about systems becoming self-aware... WarGames was ahead of its time.
The video is fascinating (even without sound... wee bit of technolust - want working speakers) - but, see, scary 'we're teaching the machines' comments...
But I do like - the web is us. Not sure about rethinking privacy, though.

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