Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Book review time!

Finally - book reviews... Two must-read picture books. Seriously. Must-reads. Especially for boys, or girls whose inner-child is a boy...

I'm sure you've all figured out that I'm a great fan of indolence. Hey - I've hired a cleaner in order to stop the guilt-trip of non-housework, because I'm knitting (ok, that's not quite nothing...).
Anyway, in Let's do nothing Frankie & Sam try to do nothing - just 10 seconds worth.
They pretend to be trees (but the dog pees), State of Liberty (hello King Kong)...
Fabulously fun!
Works great as a read aloud.

Next up ... Shark vs Train.
Another exploration into boy imaginations.
What would happen if a shark and a train competed in some really odd things?
Yep, it does go on a bit... but isn't that what your imagination is like when you really get into whatever you're playing?

PS - you can find out more about them by using the funky Auckland City Libraries search box thingy on the right...

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