Thursday, 15 July 2010

Book review time!

Something a little bit different this time... At home by Bill Bryson.

I quite like non-fiction and, having read - and enjoyed - his A short history of nearly everything (and his writing style, and sense of humour), thought this new title could be a goer. I also like the stories behind everyday things. With all those factors this moved well up my to-be-read pile (well, all of those things, and the massive reserve queue for it).

Thank goodness I wasn't wrong! There's nothing like reading a nearly 500-page non-fiction book quickly, with enjoyment and laughs, and quiet contemplative moments, to make you feel like a real reader for once. [I've been struggling to read lately].

The bits of it I've read out to family have been appreciated. Their laughter wasn't forced. Although, in the big sister's case, probably a bit pained - particularly the bit about stairs. But, hey, I thought she'd understand it more and deeply - and yes, she did... She's nearly down to a cane now! One crutch at the mo - not bad after 5 weeks.

So - highly recommended reading! One of my reads of the year. [Which reminds me... should review my other adult one...]

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