Thursday, 1 July 2010

Knitting in the wild

Thanks for the comments - here and on facebook - about the knitting.

Yes, more baby clothes to come! And, I'm currently working on another sock - a pair is planned.

What I didn't say in my sock posting was the other challenge I succeeded in... which was seeing if I could knit my sock while shopping. And I did! I figured if my dad could steer a car with his elbows, while rolling a cigarette, I could steer a supermarket trolley while knitting. And it worked. Wool in my pocket... Socks are actually quite portable for knitting in the wild - and while reading.
I got a few looks at the supermarket. And a comment from the guy in front of us in the queue. He even knew it was a sock. Which was impressive, I thought.

I can also knit a couple of rounds while waiting for my computer to load up.

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