Wednesday, 14 July 2010


So, anyway, a few months ago I got the roasting pan out of the oven warming drawer only to see itty-bitty mouse droppings. Having seen no other evidence of rodent invasion, I did what (most) single females would do - washed the pan, and stored it elsewhere. Hey, the mouse/mice weren't actually doing any harm. Trust me, there is ample opportunity - cat bikkies left out for easy consumption, etc.

And that, I thought, was the end of it.

The Mollster obviously thought differently as, last night, I was met by an itty-bitty dead mouse on my hall floor. Again, my single girlness took over and I left it alone overnight. Just to be sure it really was dead.

This morning - better prepared for dealing with my present - I scooped it up with the cat litter spade-y thing, onto junk mail - and threw it out the front door, into the longer grass (cut so that the neighbour's bunny has outside food). That way some other poor person has to deal with the dead mouse their cat will present to them. There are a LOT of cats in my area.

So, the Mollster got to demonstrate her innate catness, even while under permanent house arrest. Yay for the Mollster!

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  1. Hehe. I hate the presents the cats bring in.


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