Friday, 16 July 2010


I've finally decided what to do for the kids' Christmas presents [there's a few of them - so planning has to start early].

I'm going to knit each and every one of the little sweethearts a sock. Ok, to be nice - I'll even knit them TWO socks. See - I'm so generous!

So... that's:
  • 4 pairs for cousin's kids
  • 1 pair for Monkey
  • 9 for the greats
  • 1 for the future great baby
Making a total of 15 pairs for Christmas. [and this is WHY planning starts early].

I've made a start! Have knitted one sock.


  1. I think they will appreciate having two Ashlee loves her pressy and it looks great on. You did an amazing job :)

  2. *Blush*
    I've nearly finished Peanut's pair...


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