Saturday, 24 July 2010

Updates & rambling

Went into Masco yesterday and the lovely lady said 'ah, you're addicted' as I headed off to the sock yarn area.

Realised it is a 3-pay month, so was planning what sensible (or otherwise) thing I could do. Now I know - I have to buy a free-standing clothes hanger-thingy. I had one for my jewellery, but I really needed it for clothes. If I leave my clothes in the wardrobe, I forget they're there. So, last night, put my clothes onto the hanger I had, went to move it - and the bar sheared off and the whole thing collapsed. Luckily, I only got a small scratch out of the whole business.

But I like the idea so much will be off to buy a replacement - stronger! - hanger tomorrow.

Christmas sock update: 3½ out of 30 done.

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