Sunday, 18 November 2007

what did I learn...

What have I learnt from the 23 tasks?
  1. That I know more than I thought
  2. Conversely, that I have more to learn
  3. That I've been using web 2.0 technology without realising it
  4. That it's quicker and easier uploading photos to facebook than to flickr or bebo, or even burning to CD
  5. That I love google docs - and, if the others come on board, it will make some of my tasks easier
  6. That I have to carry on with this blog...
  7. That I'm happy using technology that does what I want it to do
  8. That I'm not really interesting in exploring things I don't have an obvious use for
  9. That I need reasonably instant gratification or I just get frustrated and don't bother continuing with something

It's these last three points that I will take with me into customer interactions (or helping fellow staff). We, as staff, need to sell the usefulness and relevancy of any new thing and it needs to work well and quickly, or it's never going to work for our customers.

Photo from my garden

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  1. Its always scary getting started and glad to see you persevered and came out the other end even more technosavvy. Well done...your MP3 player should be with you later this week


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