Saturday, 17 November 2007

What's the national anthem of Malawi?

I think I'll change allegiance...
After being so grateful last night that the Silver Ferns weren't chokers like the All Blacks...
If you haven't caught up with the fact, we lost to Australia in the final (at least the Ferns did get into the final...)
The standings at the end of the tournament were:
  1. Australia (42 in final)
  2. New Zealand (38 in final)
  3. Jamaica (53 in play off for 3/4 place)
  4. England (52 in 3/4 playoff)
  5. Malawi - The Queens (52 in 5/6 play off)
  6. South Africa (49 in 5/6 play off)
  7. Cook Islands (56 in 7/8 play off)
  8. Samoa (55 in 7/8 play off)
  9. Fiji (65 in 9/10 play off)
  10. Botswana (20 in 9/10 play off)
  11. Trinidad & Tobaga (48 in 11/12 play off)
  12. Wales (45 in 11/12 play off)
  13. Barbados (51 in 13/14 play off)
  14. Scotland (45 in 13/14 play off)
  15. Singapore (59 in 15/16 play off)
  16. Malaysia (44 in 15/16 play off)

Malawi has to the be the most fun team, & contains the favourite player of the tournament. Check out this Herald article.

They have Mary Waya. She's 38 (in a country where the average life expectancy is 40), and mother of 2. She missed the 1999 World Champs because she was pregnant. She's 1.62cm tall, and weights 89kg (that's 5ft 4inches and 14 stone in real measurements - at least, I think it is...). She looks like the Venus of Willendorf... See photos below for comparison...

This shows only one example of her committment - she also had trick and flukey passes all over the place!

There's just something about Mary...
Photos from NZ Herald, Arizona State University, & the World Netball Champs site

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