Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Family & fireworks

Guy Fawkes has always been a big thing in my family.

We used to have the whole Guy and bonfire thing - complete with bonfire toffee (and, yes family, I will make some next year! Sorry - but lost the traditional recipe). There are even photos of (a younger version of ) me posing with the Guy. There are photos of numerous family members enjoying (or not) their first Guy Fawkes experiences... from the early 60s onwards.

Remember the time when...

The sky rockets (bye sky rockets - miss you!) came without sticks and Dad used twigs? Not the straightest trajectory ever!

Dad decided to experiment and tied 2 sky rockets together? Lit one, which lit the other one, and they came straight back down

It rained and rained and we made a very pathetic little string of wet refugees hiking back to our cars through the paddock in Moontide Road? (obviously before the house was built)

Phoebe didn't care about fireworks when she was only a few hours old? And now, 12 years on, she doesn't have to sit on my knee anymore... it's now her turn to be the big strong auntie. Happy birthday sweetie!

We all dressed up pretty and had a party. Oh yeah - happy anniversary Beth & Pat! (I remember how hard it was holding 4 year old Phoebe on my lap, while wearing an ankle length dress, heels, while on wet ground...)

For all fire bugs out there - especially my family... some photos from last night. Love you all!

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