Thursday, 15 November 2007


I know lots of people don't like tattoos, including my Dad. But, if you get the right one and for the right reason...
About 10 years ago I got my first tattoo - here's a bit of it (do you know how hard it is photographing your own ankle?)
It's all in Viking runes (I was studying Norse at the time) and is the names of my four grandparents, my parents and myself (this part is my mother's dad Fred, followed by my dad, Ray). The chains represent the links of family that hold us together, and the background is marble, representing strength and solidity.
As part of her 70th birthday celebrations, my mum got a tattoo representing her family and the generations that have come from her and dad

And, yesterday, I watched my sister get her latest one, of a similar design to Mum's, representing family and all the love and support they offer (yes it's red, but it is brand new!)


  1. That's a naked ankle I can see - oh, shock, horror!!

  2. Hi Annie - I always wondered what your tatt meant, but was too shy to ask (as it was obviously a very personal thing)- but now I am enlightened!

    I have grown up in a very tattoo-centric household, but have yet to get my own. One day!


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