Thursday, 22 November 2007

We've got to get to school before the dragons!

I have this little sister Lola. She is small and very funny...
Thus begins pretty much every Charlie & Lola book by Lauren Child.
I don't want a little sister like Lola - as I am a little sister, I want to be Lola.
So, with gift vouchers for my birthday, I bought But excuse that is my book - all about Lola's visit to the library to get out the bestest book in the world. But someone else has it!
We've done this as a readers theatre for a special storytime - and I demanded to be Lola (just getting into my character, of course).
The next day I got an email from a former workmate who had seen a new Charlie & Lola book online... and now we have it on order - This is actually my party.
Then a friend & I went and played in the toy section of Smith & Caugheys - with the Charlie & Lola toys! Oh the want! Daytime and Nightime Lola... Messenger bag... Umbrella... Giggling Lola and Giggling Charlie. I felt all Lola aged! My friend knows the obsession - she bought me I absolutely must do colouring-in now for my birthday last year.
Thank goodness I don't have a credit card...

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